Why You Should Buy Handmade Wooden Toys This Christmas

What lines store's toy shelves? Plastic toys. Cheap, plastic toys. Their shiny exteriors promise fun to be had by all who play with them, but often times they are nothing more than weightless let-downs. Their bells and whistles are less than they claimed they would be.

There was a time when toys were made with hard-wearing materials, like wood. A toy was more than a chintzy replica of what it could be. A child's face would glow with wonder as they ripped the old-fashioned wrapping paper from their new toys. The Christmas lights danced off of the little one's eyes as he ran his fingers over the smooth wooden boats, trains, cars and dolls. Parents smiled with pride as the children began to play, knowing that the precious playthings would last for years. For just a moment, they could even imagine their grandchildren playing with the handmade wooden toys, many years in the future.

The days of durable, sturdy toys may appear to be gone. It may seem that they disappeared with the good-ole-days of past years. With the quick manufacturing of other countries, America became content to buy toys from other places and stock stores with the new-found products. Children became forced to choose from a myriad of overpriced, plastic playthings.

However, handmade wooden toys weren't placed into the darkness forever. Some craftsmen recognized the priceless worth of a toy... a real toy. So, they continued to make the little treasures. They are readily available is you know where to look, crafted with care, patience, and passion. There are many reasons why handmade wooden toys are worth far more than the culture gives them credit, but here are a couple reasons that are worth being mentioned.

Wooden Toys are Tough

Everyone knows that children aren't gentle with toys. You have found little and big playthings under furniture, stuffed in corners, in the yard, and a hundred other locations. You wonder to yourself, "how long can these things last?" Most toys don't last too long. They snap, crack, and pop, and it's over. Wooden toys are nearly indestructible. Children can be children and the toys will stay toys.

Handmade Toys Support the Craftsmen

Whenever you look at something homemade, the thought must flicker through your mind that someone worked diligently to make the product. The toys made by craftsmen are in no way different. Each time you purchase something they made, it simply helps them. With each purchase, you continue to support individual crafters.

Vintage Toys are Timeless

For many of us, seeing handmade wooden toys brings back a surge of childhood memories. There is nothing like seeing your child play with a toy that you played with as a young child. Vintage playthings not only make wonderful occupiers for children, but also attractive decorations. They never run out of batteries or require electricity. They are as much fun now as they were a hundred years ago and they will be as much fun in a hundred years as they are now.

Wooden Toys Make Great Gifts

Wooden toys make great, unique gifts and aren't disappointing. Whether it be a present for a small child or an elderly friend, wooden toys are fun presents that can become treasured family heirlooms.

This year, don't waste your time browsing through modern toys. Wooden toys were loved for hundreds of years and there is a reason why. There is nothing like a wooden toy train under the Christmas tree or a handmade puzzle wrapped and waiting to be opened. You can know as they are received that you made a good investment in a timeless treasure. One day, when the years have passed, and the handmade wooden toys are still the same faithful playthings, you can know that you chose wisely.

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Jeremiah Smith
Jeremiah Smith