The Benefits Of Traditional Wooden Toys

There are numerous toys on the market today. Many of them are made cheaply, often breaking after only being used a few times, contain harmful materials, and are made for the purpose of keeping children distracted, inhibiting their creativity and often times being over stimulating. Traditional wooden toys, on the other hand, are safe, environmentally friendly, educational, fun, and engaging. These days, it seems that children have short attention spans and are constantly bombarded with numerous commercials selling the newest electronic toy, video game, or are otherwise engaged with the television set. This limits the opportunity to enjoy playtime. Playing is an important aspect of any child’s development. Play helps us to learn, relax, connect with others, and promotes creativity and curiosity. Traditional wooden toys offer these sorts of benefits for children and much more.

Natural and Safe

Wooden toys are made from natural materials and are safe from hazardous chemicals such as phthalates, BPA, and PVC.  These chemicals can effect hormone regulation and have health concerns relating to puberty, obesity, and cancer. Young developing children can be particularly sensitive to the chemical exposure. There have also been recalls of non-wooden toys containing lead. Ingesting lead can lead to brain and learning disabilities. Young children love to put their toys in their mouth. When buying natural, traditional wooden toys from a reputable company, chemical exposure and lead poisoning become less of a concern and you can be confident in the well-being of your child.

Environmentally friendly

Wooden toys are safe for the environment before and after their creation. They are biodegradable, recyclable, and often made of recycled materials. Many companies use remnant wood so living trees are not harmed or plantation timbers which are cleared and replaced by new ones. When wooden toys are made, they do not create pollution as much as their plastic counterparts do.

Durable, Timeless, and Cost Effective

Traditional wooden toys are made to last. Pieces do not break as easily compared to the many flashy, cheaply made plastic toys available on market. This makes them less of a choking hazard and they can put up with a lot of wear and tear. Since they are made to last, they often become heirlooms and are passed from one generation to another, making them timeless. Their durability and timelessness create the added bonus of being cost effective.


Many wooden toys are immensely educational or developmentally beneficial, increasing your child’s attention span.  They also allow children to think and create their own games as they play. Some of the educational benefits are:

·         Movement, motor skills, and dexterity are fine-tuned.

·         Great for hand-eye problem solving skills

·         Spatial awareness is increased

·         Shape and color recognition

·         Creativity and imagination blossoms

Maintenance is Easy

These toys are easy to clean. Just wipe them down and let them dry in the sun, which will help reduce germs. Storing is easy as well, as many of these toys come with their own storage containers or bags.

Taking the time to rejuvenate through play is great for children as it helps them grow and learn. The next time you are in the market for a new toy or need to buy a gift for a child, consider buying traditional wooden toys which offer many benefits and encourage safe, fun, and imaginative play for children of all ages.

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Jeremiah Smith
Jeremiah Smith