About Us

From Grandpa's Workshop was started by Pastor Dan Fulmer in Sarasota Florida. He's been hand making wooden toys for his children for over 20 years and has a background in woodworking for years before that. Pastor Dan started this website to showcase the many toys he makes for children and sell them to families who remember the days of handmade wooden toys.

All of our toys are handmade one-by-one in a home wood shop and our team of toy builders includes daughter, son, wife and friends. We take special care to focus on the finer details to make each toy better for every child. Some of our details include stronger hitches for semi trucks, trailers and trains, or thicker dowels to hold the wings on our planes. This attention to detail makes your child's toys last generations and generations.

We include wooden parts from discarded furniture and old wooden structures in an effort to recycle as much as we can. We love the idea of taking old pieces of wood that would otherwise be discarded and making toys that'll last many years to come.